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Blocked toilet? Blocked sink? Blocked drains? Blocked pipe? Blocked manhole?

There are several signs to let you know that there may be something untoward going on down in the depths of your drainage system, if you pick up on these sign`s early enough it may not necessarily save you money with regard to having the blocked drain cleared but it could save a lot of cleaning up when the system finally overflows.

There are the classic gurgling sounds that you hear after you have flushed the toilet, these can come from the toilet, sink, bath or shower and this is often due to the water you have just flushed displacing trapped air in the drainage system, the gurgling is the trapped air pushing up through the water trap.

The water level in the toilet, bath or sink draining slowly or rising higher than usual and perversely the water level in the toilet dropping lower than usual, this is often due to the water being syphoned out of the pan because of problems further down the system. Bad smells and internal venting can be due to water being displaced in the traps on sinks, baths etc and blocked and defective drains can leak into sub-floors again causing bad smells within the property.



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